Monday, March 25, 2013

Color Club "Cherubic" Swatches and Review

DISCLOSURE - This polish was purchased by me.

Hello to you all! Tonight's post is about my (drumroll please.....) very first holo polish ever! I had pretty high expectations after seeing so many beautiful holo swatches on the many other polish blogs I follow. I'd been wanting to try a holo for such a long time, but as most polishes are $10 or more, I just hadn't pulled the trigger.

So did this polish live up to my expectations? Read on for my full review and swatches!

Beautiful in the bottle...but how does it perform on the nails?!

Color Club "Cherubic" is a soft taupe holographic polish that has an amazing flash of colors in the bottle, and I was really hoping it would translate onto the nail. 

The consistency was perfect, creamy yet not overly thick. It flowed across the nail beautifully. As I am not overly experienced with holo's and how base or top coats affect the polish, I wore this color on its own. Two easy coats provided me with full coverage. I didn't add a top coat as I didn't want to disturb the effect.

Well, let me tell you this: Color Club "Cherubic" did NOT disappoint! I was blown away by how many rainbows showed up in this polish. In the shade, it looks like a pretty tame and mild neutral shade...but in the sun it will make your jaw drop!

I have plenty of pictures here to demonstrate how it looks in various lights.

OHMYGERD can you believe this polish?!

This photo best demonstrates how the polish looks in the shade.

Overall, this polish is a must-have! Considering other brands charge $10+ for a holo, Color Club is a bargain at just $6.99! If you're looking for a great holo...look no further than "Cherubic"!

So tell me, if this a polish you'd wear? What are some of your favorite tips for holo polishes and polishes are your go-to? Leave me a comment in the box below!

DISCLOSURE - This polish was purchased by me. As always, all opinions are completely my own. I aim to have a transparent and honest blog above all else.

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